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Sample the beauty of an Earl Henry Bird note card. Simply view our catalog then send us an email with your name, address and two selections. We will send these at no cost or obligation so you can preview and hopefully order as Christmas gifts for the bird enthusiasts on your list.
Find bird prints and bird note cards in various sizes and assortments. Each piece is genuine and inherently historical. While each bird print and note card portrays a native bird in a natural setting, each individual painting tells its own story of a Tennessee naturalist expressing his creativity through painting what he loved – birds and nature.

These bird prints and boxed note cards are Audubon-like representations of various kinds of birds, including Cardinals, Orioles, Hummingbirds, Egrets, and the impressive Bald Eagle – depicted in the American Eagle in the Pacific.

Earl Henry Bird Prints are printed reproductions of the original paintings and drawings of Dr. Earl O. Henry, naval officer, ornithologist, taxidermist, dentist, and painter of birds.

After losing his life when a Japanese torpedo sank the USS Indianapolis, near the end of World War II, Dr. Earl O. Henry left an incredible legacy, as well as many dramatic and beautifully natural paintings.