Below is our selection of bird prints. These images come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for framing

USS Indianapolis Prints

Cardinal I

Cardinal II

Kentucky Cardinal

Northern Oriole

Hummingbird I

Hummingbird II

Purple Gallinule

Immature Red-tailed Hawk

Belted Kingfisher

Cedar Waxwing

Painted Bunting

Great Egret

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Scarlet Tanager

Barn Swallow

King and Clapper Rails

Orchard Oriole

Blue Jay


Red-winged Blackbird-NEW

Bird Prints

These original bird prints were created by an Amercian patriot - Dr. Earl Henry, and are perfect to decorate the home or office of any bird lover or nature enthusiast. Dr. Henry was a self-taught artist and served as dentist aboard the ill-fated USS Indianapolis. His appreciation of nature is reflected in the careful attention given to each bird print. Dr. Henry enjoyed studying southern birds and even taught himself several bird calls. The prints were intended as a way to express this love and to preserve moments in time.

Now his son is offering these bird prints to show love and appreciation of the father he never knew. We believe you will enjoy the quality of these prints and hope they bring you joy for years to come. Some have spoken of these as similar to Audubon prints. We are flattered by the comparison, and yet we take pride in how unique the style is to Dr. Henry. Our bird prints feature a high level of detail, both in the image of each bird and in the surroundings where each is placed. These prints capture each bird in an activity as a photo would; just before flight, when startled etc. These are not static nor generic, but preserve a moment of time. We believe you will be pleased with your bird prints.

American Eagle Prints

American Eagle Prints The most poignant bird print is titled "American Eagle in the Pacific". Dr. Henry created this illustration aboard the USS Indianapolis. The print features a screaming American Eagle with a writhing snake clasped in his talons. Beneath an American flag waves proudly, while the tattered Japanese flag is torn and lifeless. The print was created in August of 1944, during a period when America was triumphant, and the print clearly expresses the emotions of those Americans who were fighting.

Other American Bird Prints

King Fisher
Blue Jay
Bird Prints

Ordering Bird Prints

Our bird prints catalog contains 20 illustrations. Browse through, read more details on each, and select the ones that interest you. Prices range from $6.00 to $40.00, and we send orders within one week of completed order.